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"You do all the shooting, send us your footage and we create your masterpiece."

We understand that hiring a videographer for your event, vacation or business can blow your budget and that video editing takes time no one has to spare.

Studies show, that in 2018 videos accounted for 80% of all media shared across the web, it’s the best and clearest way to communicate and interact on social media. That means that if you’re trying to get people’s attention, this is how you want to do it and we’ve bridged the gap between having professional looking videos and staying within your budget.
It was with you in mind that Publish.me was born. Record your event or business ventures following our easy tips and tricks, send us the footage and let our professional video editor transform it into an exciting mini movie or commercial. basically, you shoot. we edit.

Share your most precious memories or add value to your business with the most effective type of media available- video!

1. Watch

Watch our 1 minute video with tips to help you get the best footage.

2. Shoot

Record using your smartphone or GoPro.

3. Send

Send us all your footage and let our experts work their magic



We provide a basic video lesson with tips and rules on how you should film your trip (duration of only 1min). Then it’s just fun. You travel, or shoot your commercial, apply our tips while having fun, record everything and send us the material. The hard part we solved.


  • professionally edited  1-6 min video in youtube and facebook format
  • each additional version (Instagram or Whatsapp)
  • Package expires  1 year from date of purchase.

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